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Restoring a Vintage Hand Saw Starts with a Straight Saw

kennebecsaws.comWhile I was filming some lessons for my soon to be released Orientation semester at The Hand Tool School, I took a break to work with Niles Krech of Kennebec Saws to film a saw sharpening video. Niles has been sharpening saws for a while and learned under Matt Cianci. For the past year he has been restoring hand saws almost exclusively for Hand Tool School members and he has become THE expert on the subject in our community. It seemed only appropriate that while I had him in the shop to take a few minutes to ask him some questions about saw sharpening and restoring some of these great old saws back to life.

Make sure you visit Niles’ website at and talk to him about getting your own saw or saw sharpening supplies.

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