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CALGARY, A.B. – Cabinetmakers Evolve Kitchens says new partnerships with Calgary suppliers keeps them on the cutting edge of the cabinet making industry.
Evolve is now using 100 percent recovered and recycled wood materials for all their cabinets, in an effort to offer a greener, more competitive product — without sacrificing quality. To achieve this, they have partnered with the Calgary branch of Hardwoods Distribution, Inc., a distributor of sheets goods and materials to the cabinet making industry.
Through this new partnership, Evolve is now using Tafisa brand melamine and panel products sold by Hardwoods. Evolve was attracted to Tafisa recycled and recovered wood products due to their materials being meticulously selected to ensure panels of consistently high quality, for everything from furniture to cabinetry. Using Tafisa’s Tafipan panels helps guarantee smooth, precision-sanded faces and tight edges — no matter the end use of the panels. These panels are as durable and consistent as they are green, and are manufactured to the highest industry standards.
Evolve Kitchens can work with these exceptional products to continue making high quality cabinets, and significantly reduce their impact on the environment and continue to sell their products at a fair price.
Additionally, another exciting change comes from partnering with Richelieu Hardware. Richelieu is a trusted supplier in the hardware industry, which sells the Blum Movento soft close drawer system — which are now used exclusively by Evolve for their drawer cabinets.
Movento offers a synchronized, feather-light glide, with carrying capacities of up to 60 kg, high stability and very good sag values. This can be combined with the Servo-Drive electrical motion support system for handle-free fronts. Furniture opens with a light touch and closes silently and effortlessly.
With these new additions to Evolve’s drawer products, homeowners will be able to maximize storage throughout their kitchen, while retaining smooth, soft close motion  for their drawers. It also allows installers and homeowners to adjust  drawer fronts with maximum precision. Evolve Kitchens says with these changes to its product line, it is proving its commitment to the environment and to leading the way in the high end cabinet market.

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Swedish furniture giant Ikea has developed an open platform that it hopes will challenge the traditional concept of comfort.

Made of wooden slats and aluminum, Ikea’s new unit is intentionally ‘hackable’ – allowing customers to clip on additional elements supplied by either Ikea or third parties.

Shaped as low sofa or bed frame, the first product in Ikea’s Delaktig range (Swedish for “being part of something”) is a flexible base made of aluminum and supported by wooden slats. Intentionally basic, Ikea says it presents an opportunity to think about a modular, component-based approach, which it says could be a significant shift for the upholstery or bed-frame industry.

“The multi-purpose nature and openness of the product got us to think of openness also in the way we work with this project,” says James Futcher, Ikea’s creative leader. “For a curious company like IKEA, the idea of inviting more talent to co-create the open platform was on the cards.”

Potential attachments could include armrests, baby cribs, privacy add-ons, reading, lamps, etc. Grooves in the unit’s frame accept a standard-sized bolt head, allowing for easy manipulation.

Scheduled to go on sale in early 2018, according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the Delaktig will be priced similar to Ikea’s midrange sofas (between $400 and $900).

Futcher told WSJ that several companies already make after-market add-ons for the company’s furniture, and that’s something Ikea hopes to encourage.

“People hack anyway; we want to encourage that,” Futcher said.

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