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I wouldn’t call it reckless, but I tend to push, pull and slam things a little harder than I should. I’d like to blame my father who operated on an “I can fix anything” mentality that gave him the leeway to be overly rough while working on cars and around the house, but really, I just enjoy making loud noises and the efficiency of tossing things across the room. With […]

The post Simple and Fast Rabbeted Drawers: Hi, I’m David and I Break Things appeared first on Popular Woodworking Magazine.

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Pyrography vase #6: Applying the sealer

This will be the last entry for this blog. Today I applied some sealer; inside and out.Next steps will be to sand with 400 grit and spray a satin finish. Go to Source Author: Powered by WPeMatico Related Posts:No Related Posts

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