Ebony Gaboon 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ x 6″

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The heartwood of Gaboon ebony (Diospyros spp.) is usually jet black, with little to no variation or visible grain. Occasionally dark brown or grayish-brown streaks may be present. Can be difficult to work due to its extremely high density. Has a dulling effect on cutters. Tear-out may occur on pieces that have interlocked or irregular grain. Takes finishes well, and finishes to a high luster. Ebony is commonly used for small ornamental purposes, such as piano keys, musical instrument parts, pool cues, carvings. Great for knobs, pulls, inlays and accents in cabinetry. Somewhat difficult to machine, but worth the reward. Excellent turning wood. Africa.

Product Features

  • Jet black
  • Finishes to a high luster
  • Straight grain

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One thought on “Ebony Gaboon 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ x 6″”

  1. R.L.B. says:

    Lovely Dark Brown Ebony…. Consistent Color Throughout…. Came Badly Chipped At The Ends I received a lovely piece of ebony with subtle bands of very dark brown all through,. The wood is oily, dense, exceptionally hard and brittle. The piece came coated in thick paraffin. Removing the wax revealed severe chipping at the ends. If you saw this wood chipping can be eliminated by clamping a backup piece of wood (pine works well) on the side the sawteeth exit. Before gluing, oil should be removed from the surfaces by rubbing with a fast drying, de-greasing agent like 99% isopropyl…

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