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I m not new to woodworking but new to milling. I m in the process of milling 2×6’s down to a little over 5 inches wide for the top of a workbench.

I started by jointing one face and one edge, then planing the other face. On some boards, I jointed the other edge, as I do not have a table saw. I was trying to make the best use of tools i have, and get rid of imperfections in the wood. I had bows and cups, and this is # 1 grade hem fir. Btw, I have a new Grizzly 490 8 inch jointer, and a used Dewalt 734 planer.

My first 3 boards are perfect. My next three measure 5 1/8 at one end and 5 3/8 at the other, 8 foot 2×6. How can I get off 1/4?

I have a little snipe but not much. My outfeed table is level with the top of the cutting head, and my infeed table is 1/8 below the cutter and outfeed table. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?

In future, will not joint more than one edge. If I have to get a table saw to mill accurately, will do so. How can I correct the width on my 3 boards and avoid being inaccurate in the future?

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