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…except for finishing. I’ll break the corners then probably paint it.

This tray is for chisels, pliers, screwdrivers, and so forth. I posted pictures of mock-ups previously. I resawed some 1/4” pine from a 2×4 and made these divider strips. I cut notches so the strips would fit together and lend some strength. Did I need to? I dunno, I was having fun.

Yes, this is not the best wood. I decided this was a toolbox and these pieces would be perfectly functional. This is not the Studley Tool Chest!

And in place, again with tools.

Note the chisel section. It started like this:

The reason is that it was the best way I could figure out to keep the business end of the chisels away from my fingers. I used a chisel to turn the blocks into something with no sharp edges. In the process of doing this, I stuck a chisel into my thumb. The irony was not lost on me. I’m ok but I lost the rest of the evening.

And I learned the hard way that everything needs to be measured and checked for square. When I glued the dividers into the tray, somehow the short divider running up and down in the image out of plumb – it is leaning slightly. But it was enough that a gap was left between the divider and the chisel blocks. So I had to spend time to cut the appropriate angle on those blocks. What a waste of time! It seems that I spend a lot of time fixing mistakes I never should have made.

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