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Its been 2 years since I did any work on this toolmakers chest for a friend, it ran aground due to me not having enough skills to built it so it would actually work.

The problem I introduced as the lack of space at the front when the drawer fronts and handles were fitted, the front door would not fit.

We discussed the problem and looked at getting recessed handles and all that sort of variations to overcome the problem.

One line of thought was to add material at the back and move everything reawards, only problem was that it would leave heaps of routed areas exposed at the sides right at the face.

Well nothing really happened until this weekend I saw the unfinished project sitting amoung the various items I make and just stash away.

So I decided it was time to stop avoiding the issue and extend the frame re do the dovetails and generally “get onto it”

First up I milled up some more Kauri pine the do the job.
Then biscuit jointed them all on, only this time I decided to go with adding the extensions to the front.
This made the depth of the Chest 325mm.

Here is the base and part of one side

Here is a full shot of the side.

Once they were dry I sanded off the overlap and set up my Gifkins Dovetail Jig and cut the additional dovetails and pins.

Fitted everything up dry assembled and cut the front door to suit.
Dismantled the assembly and routed runners for the front door glued in one side of the dovetails and reassembled it all again

How noticable is the add in.
LH side

RH Side

Happy with the progress I decided to stop for a while and continue another day.

How did I manage to re route the dovetails with the Gifkins Jig with the timber now at 325mm?
Have a look at my tool tip if you own a Gifkins dovetail Jig, it is possible.

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